iPhone Diaries: February 2017

Well, according to my iPhone photo album feed, February was a very beautiful and colorful month ... aside from my struggles with the flu, my husband being abroad, and the occasional torrential downpours that kept us indoors, we found some epic moments along the way. I can't believe we're entering March so soon ... time is flying, but we're the pilots ;) 

Beautiful flower arrangements from this talented lady: @meleanahawaii XO

Picture-Perfect moments on our #goals weekend with @straitswim

This silly girl @leideee was swinging from vines and stuff for @straitswim, it was pretty legendary.

When @haleiwabowls saved our lives with a mid shoot pick-me-up!

Sunsets from the @straitswim brand house were just so peaceful . . .

More sunsets, aka my love language, this time from the be$t side ... Makaha (yea)

Followed by a little island hop to go see my bff @cassandrarull where we just had way too much fun in 24 hours!


Can't wait to see what March has in store ... X

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I love love.

I don't specialize in weddings, or engagement shoots, or even couples shoots --- I'll leave that to the professionals, but I will say that I do love shooting LOVE. Informally, formally, on the fly, whatever. I just love how sweet pictures of couples can truly be.

Here is Leila + Kiron just being super beautiful + in love ...


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Let's start off with this: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017, surreal, wow.
Yes, the thought of a new year does bring happiness to my heart. I love new beginnings. I love ending old seasons. I love what the New Year represents ... a fresh start? Realizing what matters? Realizing what no longer does ... it's all really beautiful, and I'm all for it! I was never one to make resolutions because I'm constantly trying to live out my fullest life the best that I can, but I do love making an "impossibles list" at the start of every year --- mostly things that I find to be entirely out of my control, but things that consume my prayer life, and when I see them become realized it's the most incredible testament.

In my creative life this year, I just want to make art that sets my soul on fire.
Creating out of a place that doesn't need recognition to know that it's good and pure at the core ... like when I would sit in the studio or dark room for hours working on something that would never been seen by another human. O, I had so much love for the craft then.

I think that's a tangible goal. If I'm not already doing that then I'm in the wrong business.

Here are some images that put a twinkle in my eye; I love getting lost in other photographers', artists', writers' work . . .

(all images via tumblr)


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#justpassingthrough North Shore, O'ahu

Traveling with @reef_girls (www.reef.com) is always a dream ... but sometimes you don't have to go far to experience something new + refreshing.

This time, I teamed up with my sister Mahina (@mahinagarcia), and the lovely video ladies from @rubiascollective Bree + Roxy, and we stayed put in our beautiful back yard. Helicopters, truck rides, windy surfs, good food, it's really all we need on this simple stretch of beach on the island of O'ahu. As much as I love traveling and being immersed in the unknown, it felt really nice to be right here. X

Photos by: @rubiascollective Bree + Roxy

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Sia is such a huge inspiration in so many ways . . . a remarkable songwriter, creative genius, pushing boundaries in pop culture, humble. I've been a fan of hers for almost 10 years, and to see her make a comeback despite personal setbacks is everything this world needs to witness.

Plus, this song ... it's incredible.

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Malia in Black & White: Part 1

There's something about lazy days like these . . . Getting creative with our days when the surf is blown out, we've had our coffee, no work to do . . . photo adventures are always a good day.

It was great to have our friend Matt Bruening (www.mattbruening.com) spending the weekend on the North Shore and recruiting him to style with whatever we could find in our closets at the moment.

This is part 1 of 4 . . . X

One Piece suit from Farron (farronswim.com)

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iPhone Diaries: October 2016

As pivotal as October was for me professionally, emotionally, physically, it was also equally effortless. I attribute this ease to the balance of life ... slowly but surely learning to accept the good with the bad, relinquish control, enjoy the mundane, and find beauty wherever I go.

Breathe in peace, exhale anxiety . . . everything is just a gift. All of which I'm undeserving . . .


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