Sometimes I dig deep ...

When I have spare time, sometimes I like to dig deep into my external hard drive archives and pull out the most random photos that I fall back in love with. This is why I hoard photographs -- in the moment they may not speak to you right away, but as the years go by, they earn a special place in your memory and heart; taking you back to the time . . . when . . .

These are some that jumped out at me yesterday. I'm in love again, remembering why I love freezing moments. 

Mel, Pipeline, 2013

Rachel (Rocky) Barnes, California, 2014

Michelle Vawer, Rocky Point, 2014

Honu, Waimea Bay, 2013

Matt, West Side, Summer 2013

Krista Alvarez, North Shore, 2015

Luke Davis, OTW, 2014

"God is a thousand times more meticulous with us than even an artist is with his canvas.
Using many brush strokes of sorrow, and circumstances of various colors, He paints us into the highest and best image He visualizes, if we will only receive His bitter gifts of myrrh in the right spirit."


Posted on May 20, 2016 and filed under LIFESTYLE, PHOTOGRAPHY, OCEAN.