Herewith Magazine

I'm so honored to have been featured alongside other women I work with and share this beautiful Hawai'i with in the first issue of Herewith Magazine

If you haven't already heard about this brand new mag, I hope that you'll pick up an issue online today ... the quality is gorgeous, huge images of art/fashion/surf/travel --- all of the things we can't get enough of in the days of wanderlust + internet envy ... 

Give them a follow on IG as well, if you're into beautifully curated feeds, of course: @herewithmagazine X

Check out my online profile here:
And be sure to pick up an issue for the full story on myself and these radical ladies: @haakeaulana @ambermozo + @ladyslider

Photos: Daniel Russo
Beauty: Jasmine Mullins
Haku: Meleana

Posted on August 15, 2016 and filed under LIFESTYLE, FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY, OCEAN, SURF, TRAVEL.