iPhone Diaries: February 2017

Well, according to my iPhone photo album feed, February was a very beautiful and colorful month ... aside from my struggles with the flu, my husband being abroad, and the occasional torrential downpours that kept us indoors, we found some epic moments along the way. I can't believe we're entering March so soon ... time is flying, but we're the pilots ;) 

Beautiful flower arrangements from this talented lady: @meleanahawaii XO

Picture-Perfect moments on our #goals weekend with @straitswim

This silly girl @leideee was swinging from vines and stuff for @straitswim, it was pretty legendary.

When @haleiwabowls saved our lives with a mid shoot pick-me-up!

Sunsets from the @straitswim brand house were just so peaceful . . .

More sunsets, aka my love language, this time from the be$t side ... Makaha (yea)

Followed by a little island hop to go see my bff @cassandrarull where we just had way too much fun in 24 hours!


Can't wait to see what March has in store ... X

Posted on February 23, 2017 and filed under LIFESTYLE, OCEAN, PHOTOGRAPHY.