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Actual Goals: Casa Vintage, Gili Trawangan

I didn't believe places like this existed ... 
Whitewashed, Quaint, Authentic, Inspiring, Simple, Honest, Dreamy to say the least ...
Casa Vintage will always have a special place in my heart; not only because of it's absolutely picturesque nature, but because of the incredibly unique time that my friends and I spent there. We spent our days on Gili Trawangan in the rain, mostly, until the weather slowly began to clear and we made our way via push bike around the perimeter of the tiny island. You see, there are no motorized vehicles on Gili T ... in fact, the quickest way to get around is by horse + carriage which I found to be endearing, not cruel. When we finally arrived at Casa Vintage Beach my heart melted. It's everything I love and aspire to be -- a place most all Pinterester's boards are derived from :) I don't 'Pinterest' (as a verb), but I do know that if I did, this place would be my inspo.
With no agenda for the day other than to enjoy ourselves and each other's company on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean, we posted UP under a whitewashed thatched shack enjoying our ridiculously delectable food, wine, and usual girl talk. It was out of a dream, a moment with my best friends I'll cherish forever.

I think I left my heart at Casa Vintage.

X Check their instagram: @casavintageliving X

Posted on July 26, 2016 and filed under LIFESTYLE, INSPO, PHOTOGRAPHY, TRAVEL.