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iPhone Diaries: March 2017

If I had to sum the month of March up in one word, it'd be: OCEAN.
I got a lot of it, and how fitting as it is the month of Pisces. I don't think I've spent this much time at the beach since I was a wee lil grom, and I love it. The completely exhausted feeling that hits you after a long day on the beach -- there's nothing like it in the world, and I'll admit that I have to intentionally find those moments again, whereas they came so naturally growing up!

Here's to being a fish, turning 32 this month, and living a life of celebration every day no matter what.

My bike rides to check the surf from my house are my time to breathe, look up at these beauties, and find treasures on the beach ... a daily moment that is so, so precious to my sanity.

The one, the only, Makoa Ho came home for the month, so you can only imagine what kind of silly shenanigans we got into along the way. This one was for the books -- a perfect day of surfing at Makaha, followed by chasing the sunset up the coast + enjoying pau hana adult beverages with our fave west side friends.

Taking my buddies for a swim with the sharks is always a highlight for me. 

With all of the vog that lingered this month, gorgeous sunsets were the result, and so I cannot be mad.

Oh, and the moonrises as well?! Gosh . . .

Always being fueled up by the best at the beach ... Haleiwa Bowls + nature's candy :)

People think Hawaii is gorgeous year round, which it is, but sometimes you have to search a little deeper to find these picturesque moments. We had a really harsh rain this month, turning our oceans the color and consistency of chocolate milk ... but with a little driving + a lot of perseverance I had a dreamy tropical moment to myself. 

Next month I'll be abroad and I can't wait to share with you when I return ...


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I love love.

I don't specialize in weddings, or engagement shoots, or even couples shoots --- I'll leave that to the professionals, but I will say that I do love shooting LOVE. Informally, formally, on the fly, whatever. I just love how sweet pictures of couples can truly be.

Here is Leila + Kiron just being super beautiful + in love ...


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iPhone Diaries: October 2016

As pivotal as October was for me professionally, emotionally, physically, it was also equally effortless. I attribute this ease to the balance of life ... slowly but surely learning to accept the good with the bad, relinquish control, enjoy the mundane, and find beauty wherever I go.

Breathe in peace, exhale anxiety . . . everything is just a gift. All of which I'm undeserving . . .


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Sometimes I dig deep ...

When I have spare time, sometimes I like to dig deep into my external hard drive archives and pull out the most random photos that I fall back in love with. This is why I hoard photographs -- in the moment they may not speak to you right away, but as the years go by, they earn a special place in your memory and heart; taking you back to the time . . . when . . .

These are some that jumped out at me yesterday. I'm in love again, remembering why I love freezing moments. 

Mel, Pipeline, 2013

Rachel (Rocky) Barnes, California, 2014

Michelle Vawer, Rocky Point, 2014

Honu, Waimea Bay, 2013

Matt, West Side, Summer 2013

Krista Alvarez, North Shore, 2015

Luke Davis, OTW, 2014

"God is a thousand times more meticulous with us than even an artist is with his canvas.
Using many brush strokes of sorrow, and circumstances of various colors, He paints us into the highest and best image He visualizes, if we will only receive His bitter gifts of myrrh in the right spirit."


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Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning was special ...
Kaiwi and I usually wake up pretty early -- he is off to the harbor to run shark diving tours, and I usually head to a nearby coffee shop to do editing or emails if I'm not on a job. For some reason on this particular day we decided to head down to the beach just after sunrise for a slide. This would not have been a rare occasion when we were sixteen or seventeen, but as life gets busier and busier every year, we haven't made time for a morning surf date in quite some time. 

The wind was still, the water looked identical to a swimming pool, mini waves were rolling through and we were nothing but smiles as we laughed and tried to drop into these tiny barrels. A few hours later a storm blew through this perfect stretch of ocean and the day turned into a dark, windy, cold day. For those who enjoyed the ocean that morning, you get me!


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