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iPhone Diaries: October 2016

As pivotal as October was for me professionally, emotionally, physically, it was also equally effortless. I attribute this ease to the balance of life ... slowly but surely learning to accept the good with the bad, relinquish control, enjoy the mundane, and find beauty wherever I go.

Breathe in peace, exhale anxiety . . . everything is just a gift. All of which I'm undeserving . . .


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Herewith Magazine

I'm so honored to have been featured alongside other women I work with and share this beautiful Hawai'i with in the first issue of Herewith Magazine

If you haven't already heard about this brand new mag, I hope that you'll pick up an issue online today ... the quality is gorgeous, huge images of art/fashion/surf/travel --- all of the things we can't get enough of in the days of wanderlust + internet envy ... 

Give them a follow on IG as well, if you're into beautifully curated feeds, of course: @herewithmagazine X

Check out my online profile here:
And be sure to pick up an issue for the full story on myself and these radical ladies: @haakeaulana @ambermozo + @ladyslider

Photos: Daniel Russo
Beauty: Jasmine Mullins
Haku: Meleana

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There's a new boutique hotel popping up in Waikiki and we're kind of obsessed. Not only is the Surfjack hotel vintage-cool, but it came at the perfect time ... Because Waikiki is our stomping grounds for summer swells + summer scenes ...
[ give them a follow on instagram: @thesurfjack ]

I teamed up with the masterminds behind BikiniBird, model goddess Malia Murphey, + fabulous hair/makeup lady Jasmine Mullins on an editorial. You can find all of these hot bikinis at Hope you enjoy these images ...

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Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning was special ...
Kaiwi and I usually wake up pretty early -- he is off to the harbor to run shark diving tours, and I usually head to a nearby coffee shop to do editing or emails if I'm not on a job. For some reason on this particular day we decided to head down to the beach just after sunrise for a slide. This would not have been a rare occasion when we were sixteen or seventeen, but as life gets busier and busier every year, we haven't made time for a morning surf date in quite some time. 

The wind was still, the water looked identical to a swimming pool, mini waves were rolling through and we were nothing but smiles as we laughed and tried to drop into these tiny barrels. A few hours later a storm blew through this perfect stretch of ocean and the day turned into a dark, windy, cold day. For those who enjoyed the ocean that morning, you get me!


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